LG V60 – Design, Dual Screen, Price and More

LG V60

That’s altered with the LG V60, which has more style and unique features to help it stand apart from the crowd.

The LG V60 meets a need for more screen space at a relatively affordable price for these users, although there are compromises compared to the seamless screens on foldable phones.

Using the Ingress Protection certification system, the LG V60 ThinQTM 5G UW is given an IP68 classification. The water resistance rating is 8 and the dust rating is 6 (the maximum level of protection) (water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes). Despite this designation, your gadget is not always resistant to water harm. A powerful smartphone with 5G capabilities and a very helpful dual-screen cover is the LG G8X ThinQ. Who it’s for: Anybody looking for a powerful, dependable premium smartphone that can multitask.

LG V60 Design

  • The LG V60 is a confident step beyond its predecessors’ conservative black rectangle designs and into the more stylish territory.
  • By itself, the phone has looks we’d expect on a Samsung flagship, including a pearl-hued glass back, gold-ish trim around the camera bump, and burnished aluminium sides.
  • It’s not surpassing other top-tier phones in looks, with thicker bezels than you’ll see in the Samsung Galaxy S20 line.
  • And a teardrop notch where those phones have a small punch-hole for the front-facing camera. Still, the phone certainly looks more impressive than previous LG flagships.
  • In a leaving from its predecessors, the LG V60 is closer to the size of other ‘Plus’-monikered phones, with a 20.5:9 ratio display that makes it easier to handle than, say, an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The LG V60 Dual Screen

  • LG V60’s standout eye is the Dual Screen, which functions much like the identically-named peripherals with the LG V50 ThinQ and LG G8X ThinQ.
  • Dual Screen the whole thing like a strong folio case, opening up to reveal a second display with the exact dimensions as the V60’s screen.
  • Plug the phone into the Dual Screen’s USB-C plug. Snap it into place, and voila, you have twice the screen real estate.
  • To go on the Dual Screen’s display. You tap the small white dual-arrow icon (by default, this is on the show’s right side).
  • To enlarge a small menu with options to swap screens or put the main Screen to sleep. If, say, you wanted to watch media on the second display and dim the first to save battery.

LG V60 Price and Release Date

  • The V60 was due to be revealed during MWC 2020. Still, following the show’s cancellation at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • LG opted for a low-key online launch – something many other brands have imitated.
  • Here V60 remain officially released in the US on March 16, retailing for $899 (UK and AU pricing TBC). As has been the case with previous LG flagships, this price includes the Dual Screen peripheral.
  • The most incredible versions of the LG V60 will be 5G-capable, with support for the sub-6 range of frequencies.
  • It comprises the models going to carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.
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