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Yahoo_Finance is a media company that is a part of the Yahoo_ network. It provides financial news, information, and commentary in addition to stock quotes, news stories, financial reports, and original content. It also offers a few online tools for handling individual money. In addition to original news articles created by its employees, it also publishes content from other websites with whom it has associated. It is the 20th-largest news and media website, according to Similar Web.

In 2017, Yahoo_Finance made it possible to view news on cryptocurrencies. There are mentioned more than 9,000 different currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, some of the services offered are market data on cryptocurrencies, conventional currencies, equities, bonds, fundamental and options data, and market news and analysis.

We will briefly discuss several potential causes for this closure at the end of this post. First, Yahoo used to have its official API. However, this remained shut down in 2017. We’ll review the benefits and drawbacks of a few unofficial APIs and libraries currently available to access this data before demonstrating how to utilise one in detail.

What Makes the Yahoo_ Finance API Worthwhile?

  • Impressive range of data for free
  • Easy and quick to get yourself going
  • Simple

It may be free, which is an excellent factor. Although some third-party APIs with more functionality charge for their higher-use plans, even these frequently provide free-tier alternatives.

Quite a variety of information. The Yahoo_Finance API includes extras like options and fundamentals data, market news and analysis, and the primary standard data, which rivals like IEX and Alpha Vantage don’t always have. Also, simple to set up is yourself. Again, depending on your route, setup can be as simple as writing a few lines of code to install libraries or as complex as creating an account to obtain private API keys and then accessing an API with a specific URL and these credentials.

It may be easy. Some libraries include documentation that can be read on one page and still contain functionality suitable for most everyday use cases. Even if it is small, it may still be helpful by offering functions in the modules that handle the tiresome work for you, such as automatically transferring data into Panda’s data frames as necessary.

Because of this, the Yahoo_Finance API is ideal if you’re a relative newcomer who wants to get started directly rather than spend hours trying to figure out complicated instructions.

What Makes Using the Yahoo_Finance API Undesirable?

  • (Limitingly) Simple Solutions that remain layered on top are brittle
  • No official requests for data
  • can lead to rate limitations or block listing

It’s easy. Although we have access to a wide variety of data, there are instances when the Yahoo_Finance API lacks the bells and whistles of more specialised APIs.

For instance, Alpha Vantage provides excellent pre-made modules that compute popular technical analysis indicators for you—saving you a tonne of time if you want to create a trading strategy that uses any of them!

It has some fragility. Since the Yahoo_Finance API is no longer entirely official, it occasionally lacks specific needed data. As a result, depending on the function, package, or API in issue, solutions seeking to scrape data from Yahoo_Finance employ a combination of direct API calls, HTML data rasping, and pandas table grinding.

HTML scraping techniques rely on unofficially scraping Yahoo_Finance. Therefore, they work if Yahoo doesn’t alter the look or feel of any of their websites. As a side note, data scraping involves downloading a web page’s HTML code and looking through the HTML tags to discover the particular page parts you need.

The Income Statement Page for Amazon (‘AMZN’) On Yahoo_Finance Remains Seen Below:

As a result, to get the precise values that should remain supplied for each statistic from Yahoo’s web pages, a data scraping technique will search through the page structure using several div, class, and span tags, among other things, for various IDs.

The data-reacted, for instance, is “114” for the gross profit of 74,754 on December 31, 2019. However, suppose Yahoo_Finance changed the structure or attribute tag referring to this value, and the technique used to retrieve this particular piece of data employs data scraping. In that case, it can return an entirely false result or nothing at all.

Keep In Mind That Not All API/Library Functions Need HTML Scraping.

In actuality, most techniques do not instead rely on direct API calls or the less vulnerable pandas table scraping. However, some methods have these flaws, and some libraries and APIs already have problems with specific features.

It remains not meant for official usage. Further to the previous argument, there is no assurance that the code will continue to function if Yahoo_Finance changes any of its appearance in the future because specific techniques to get this data unofficially scrape the data.

Even if historical issues have remained resolved, there is a medium chance that some components of the free. Open-source libraries won’t function sometime in the future.

If you use their paid unofficial APIs, you will hope their developers’ teams will quickly fix these problems. Still, there is no guarantee that any strategies you develop using their data won’t cause temporary malfunction due to suspect (or nonexistent) data. It is a very high risk if you invest money. We know that Rapid API uses just its internal API, so if you want to utilise the Yahoo_Finance data more securely, this would be a viable option!

You may be banned or have your rate capped. Again, because the libraries and unauthorised APIs occasionally scrape data. Yahoo_Finance has the right to limit their rate or refuse them at any moment (for making too many scrapes). Particularly with the free libraries with limitless usage, you could not be aware of this boundary and inadvertently violate it.


Overall, we believe that the Yahoo_Finance API is great if you’re a relative newcomer and want to rapidly dip your toes into the water. Try out some ideas with some data, or need to access something like options data. However, suppose you intend to develop a longer-term. More complex system that might involve hundreds to thousands of data requests daily that will model using more precise data. Such as technical analysis indicators. In that case, we advise choosing an alternative that includes some extra functionalities.

Alternatively, you may spend an additional $1 to access one of the official finance data API substitutes. Such as Quandl, Alpha Vantage, or IEX. Where you can be sure your data won’t just be randomly cut off one day.

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