Physics and Maths Tutors – PMT was created in 2019 by Görkem, who developed the platform while working as a math and physics teacher at the university. PMT is open to students of all ages and backgrounds. A non-profit educational portal called Physics and Mathematics Tutor assists students with their examinations. Teachers in UK schools utilize the website and suggest it to their pupils as a reliable source.

PMT aims to maintain parity by offering free materials that are advantageous to both teachers and students. The ultimate purpose of PMT is to assist students in finding their place in the world by presenting them with career alternatives that are completely off their radar and assisting them in navigating the transition from secondary school to the workplace. The programmer also emphasizes developing children’s confidence so they can face problems in the future and become self-assured individuals who can achieve great things.

What Makes Physics and Maths Tutors Unique?

What Makes Physics and Maths Tutors Unique?

Students may download several past exams from Physics and Mathematics Tutor for free, along with sample answers. It enables students to use actual test questions to practise and prepare for their examinations, which may be very helpful for their review. Also, the website’s accessibility and affordability make it simple for students to learn wherever they are, which may be particularly beneficial for those who might not have access to more conventional resources like textbooks or tutors.

For GCSEs and A-Levels, is the Physics and Maths Tutor helpful?

Yes, students studying for their GCSEs and A-Levels will find Physics and Maths Tutor to be very helpful! The website includes several tools mainly geared to assist students in preparing for these tests. These resources have previous papers with model solutions, revision notes, cheat sheets, worksheets and questions per topic.

Students can particularly benefit from the previous papers and sample answers offered by PMT since they can practise with actual test questions and learn how to approach and solve them. The revision notes and other tools can also aid pupils in comprehending and remembering the material they are studying. It might be particularly beneficial for kids who might be having trouble understanding specific subjects.

Also, their revision programmers can aid students in structuring their studies for examinations and mock tests. For students who might be feeling overburdened by the quantity of content they need to cover, this might be extremely helpful. Any of these tools may significantly ease the pressure of GCSE and A-level revision. It may also result in improved performance and comprehension.

What Can I Expect From a Maths and Physics Tutor?

What Can I Expect From a Maths and Physics Tutor?

The Physics and Mathematics Tutor is a fantastic resource for kids like you who desire to thrive academically. It implies that you will be a part of a group of students who are all working hard to succeed in their studies. This website has received many positive ratings and has been utilized by several students and instructors around the UK.

Why Should We Still Worry About Physics and Maths Tutors?

Why Should We Still Worry About Physics and Maths Tutors?

We can comprehend the workings of the universe by studying physics and arithmetic. These topics aim to help us understand the world around us on a deeper level, not only help us do well on tests.

It’s crucial to remember that mastering physics and math calls for both knowledge and discipline. You are preparing your child for success in school and other facets of life by assisting them in these areas. They will get the ability to overcome challenging obstacles and resist the urge to put off doing anything.

It’s critical to pay attention to both the subjects of math and physics as well as the calibre of training they get. Your child can benefit much from having a skilled physics and math tutor, not just for their academic success but also for their future professional prospects. Also being discussed in the UK is the potential of making arithmetic compulsory until the age of 18. For your child’s future, it would be pretty helpful to be ready for that prospective obstacle. In whichever career students choose to follow, math knowledge and abilities will always be beneficial. Even if the curriculum shift doesn’t occur.


The PMT concept is brilliant and maybe a handy tool for students to complement their academic work. For students preparing for their GCSEs and A-levels, PMT is an excellent resource. The website provides some materials that might help you handle the editing process much better. Nonetheless, it’s always advised to use a variety of resources and not rely on just one when studying for examinations.

Beginning your revision is essential for success! Create a revision strategy, try out several revising strategies, and ask for assistance if necessary. There is still plenty of time. The most crucial thing is not to worry!

Edumentors might be a fantastic choice if you need extra help with your examinations. Tutors for Edumentors are now enrolled in courses at some of the top institutions in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, and others. These instructors can relate to students’ struggles and obstacles because they just finished their GCSEs and A-levels.