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IVL Finance personal loan We can avail up to 15 lakhs at attractive interest rates starting from just 13. 99%p.a. However, the loan repayment period is for a maximum of 2 years. IVL finances various personal loans like weddings, travel, two-wheeler, used car, medical, and home loans.

IVL Finance Personal Loans

If you can dream it, it’s just as likely you can do it. At Dhani, we make it our top priority to help people achieve their dreams. Every dream is as important as the other. You don’t have to worry about financial possibilities when you can spend time planning what you can do when you have the resources!

Dhani, the first-of-its-kind application from Dhani Loans and Services Limited (formerly Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited), is designed to make your personal finance needs more accessible than ever. Your loan and two-wheeler loan availing experience is now a breeze!

Your loan application, approval and subsequent repayment are almost instantaneous. All you need is a PAN card and address proof. With a quick, hassle-free process, your loan will remain instantly disbursed into your bank account. With Dhani, the vacation you wanted so badly. That little extra expense for your wedding, The course you wanted to pursue. A little boost to your finances to help grow your business; Whatever your need, financing is now the least of your worries!

IVL Finance Wedding Loan

Indian weddings are a colossal affair; everything from invitation cards to the venue to the jewellery to the caterer to the accommodation for the guests requires a lot of money. You may not remain able to cover all these expenses from your savings, and compromising on anything for such a special day is not an option. IVL Finance Marriage Loan will facilitate all financial needs to make your wedding memorable.

IVL Finance Wedding Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate for IVL Finance Marriage Loan starts from 13.99%, which can remain repaid within the tenure of your choice with flexible EMI options.

What is a Travel Loan of IVL Finance?

Want to fund your vacation but are short of funds? An EMI-based loan can be an ideal way to pay for a vacation you can’t afford in one go. Whether it’s a trek through the mountains or you want to travel around the world to your favourite destination, IVL Finance Personal Loan for Travel is how you can make it happen. Set off on your next adventure. Our travel loan is simple, easy and fast. It covers all expenses related to your trips, such as airfare or any other form of transportation, hotel rentals, tour packages, travel luggage/accessories, or any other expenses associated with your trip. are

To get a personal travel loan with IVL Finance, present your identity proof, salary slips, address proof, income proof, and employment certificate, and you’re ready to apply!

IVL Finance Limited 2 & 4 Wheeler Loan Interest Rate

IVL Finance Ltd Two Wheeler Loan interest rates start from 9.20% and range between 9.20%-11.25% p.a. Available to most lenders and depending on your factors like cibil score, income 14 Goes up to %.

While many factors affect your interest rate, the following are essential factors.

  • Income level
  • Income stability
  • Relationship with lender or banker
  • Your employer’s category
  • Employment status for salaried employees
  • Business longevity for the self-employed
  • Two-wheeler type, model, engine etc
  • Credit history (debt repayment history)

The following table shows the EMIs of different two-wheeler loan amounts based on other tenors after 8.60%*.

The EMI for a two-wheeler loan of Rs 15 lakh is higher – 30,992, when you opt for 5 years. However, if you opt for a 15-year tenure, it comes down to 15,036. 25 lakh two-wheeler loan for IVL Finance Ltd, the cheapest EMI you can get with 15 years tenure – 25,060. Reducing the tenure to 5 years increases the EMI to 51,654.

EMI is 72,315 when you avail of IVL Finance Ltd 35 Lakh Two Wheeler Loan for 5 years. However, if you extend the tenure to 15 years, it comes down to 35,084. The cheapest EMI comes with a two-wheeler loan of Rs 50 lakh – 50,120 with a tenure of 15 years. EMIs double when you opt for a 5-year term.

IVL Finance Medical loan

IVL Finance – Crowdfunding is raising funds with the help of people across the country, using a donation platform as a source Crowdfunding on Impact Guru for your chosen cause with free 24*7 support and expert help or help fund treatment. Unlike medical loans and insurance, fundraising through online crowdfunding platforms requires no payment and is for everyone – from newborn babies and senior citizens to animals, NGOs and More!

Is Crowdfunding Better than Medical Loans or Insurance?

More and more Indians prefer crowdfunding over traditional financing options like medical loans or insurance. It is because more than 70% of Indians are either medically uninsured or completely underinsured. Their insurance can rarely cover the high medical costs of essential treatments such as cancer or prenatal care. On the other hand, medical loans can demand higher interest rates and often come with a cap on the amount that can remain loaned. Loans on the heavy end can also create debt.

Comparatively, crowdfunding is a debt-free option with no limit on how much one can raise. It has flexible eligibility requirements such as required documents like medical bills and identity proofs. Additionally, unlike the days and months of waiting for insurance and medical loans, previous campaigners on Impact Guru have raised funds within 24 hours!

IVL Finance Home Loan

We welcome you IVL Finance Home Loans are tailored to our customer’s unique needs and are offered flexible repayment options at highly competitive interest rates. A home is one of the most significant investments you will make. And, more than that, it’s a dream come true for you and your family. We understand what this means to you, and our home loans make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to own the home of your choice.

Our housing loans will make buying a house simple and hassle-free, whether you prefer to apply for a home loan online or offline. They feature simple digital processes, instant disbursements, thousands of pre-approved plans, and competitive home loan interest rates. In addition, our team will provide you with an end-to-end, one-stop service for a seamless experience. Be it helping you find the right property or the home loan amount you need. Whether it’s completing a simple documentation process or getting paid faster to close a deal, our team will be by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

IVL Finance Home Loan Balance Transfer

Let’s say you take a home loan from a bank with a rate of interest of 14%. A few years later, you realize you’re paying a high-interest rate. What do you do? You request your bank reduction, but there’s no response. It is where a home loan balance transfer comes in useful. Your outstanding loan gets transferred to another bank or lending institution for a better interest rate in a balance transfer. The principal remains credited to your old bank, and you pay off the home loan. However, you’re now paying a new EMI amount at a more competitive rate. Make Indiabulls Home Loans your preferred home loan partner. And also, our customer-centric approach features online home loans – delivered through the app and web (anytime, anywhere). Salaried or self-employed individuals now have an excellent opportunity to apply for residential property loans at attractive interest rates.

We are Linked to Finance for Indian Tax Prayers.

And also, IVL finances, and save money for millions of Indian people and businesses. A technology company that creates trusted, valuable and insightful platforms for consumers to improve relationships with finances and money.

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