What is the First Update for Wii U Games?

Wii U Games –  Although not many of us thought there would be an update from day one, Nintendo has shown us how wrong we were, releasing a “super” update. Yes, you have read that correctly. It is a super update that could last hours, depending on the Internet connection.

This update allows online access and the ability to transfer files from Wii; allows access to Miiverse , among other functions related to online content. Terrible news if you have a low-speed connection, and above all, if you have the Basic package since it is known (according to EOL), this update weighs from 4 to 5 GB. But the most critical is that if it is disconnected from the power, for example, the console could suffer its first brick. Nintendo does not notice this at any time, as indicated by some users who have suffered from this problem.

  • It is not the only problem since there are also problems when trying to connect to Miiverse.
  • It fixes not end here, as we are facing with a dilemma. The Vandal website reports that the Digital
  • Foundry company has said that the update weighs only 1 GB.

And not 4 or 5 as has been commenting on on other sites. In Vandal, the problem of MiiVerse is also denied, and they say that this was just a test menu that was not withdrawn. Even if it is only 1 GN of the update, this is quite a lot.

How to Play WII Games on Wii U

Backwards compatibility is handled in a new way by Nintendo. By simply inserting the appropriate disc or downloading the game through WiiWare or Virtual Console, almost all Wii titles remain to play on the Wii U.

You can also purchase new Wii titles from the Wii Software Channel.

To begin the game, you must launch the Wii Menu application from your Wii U menu. Your existing Wii data and games you may buy remain displayed in this menu. The only restriction is that you won’t be able to operate them using the Wii U gamepad. Instead, you’ll need to utilize your existing Wii controllers, allowing you to enjoy the whole Wii experience on your new system.

The Console Completely Disassembled, like the Game Pad:

The Console Completely Disassembled, like the Game Pad:


  • And so it is one of the latest news that has been seeing because not even a week has passed. And this fantastic console has already been disarming.
  • By different websites, let us know how this console is making , the parts that make it up, and other exciting details.
  • The “PC Perspective” website has published an excellent report on the console parts, making each part of the console known through several screenshots and an exciting video.

What is the First Hint of Homebrew?

Apparently Nintendo has overlooked specific details that many of us think could be covering in the new console, but now we can realize that apparently, it was not. As is known, Wii U can load Homebrew since in Wii mode. The “Smash Stacks” exploit works and is capable of launching an application.

We emphasize that this only works in Wii mode and that also applications such as the HackMii Installer, loaders, or cIOS installers, do not work. This generous sign could attract many programmers and even reactivate the HackMii Installer creators to take a new version compatible with Wii U. At the moment, we leave you a video in which the exploit is showing working and loading the “WiiXplorer” application.

Wii U Games Chat can only be with Licensed Headsets:

  • One of the great additions to this console is the ability to chat with friends while playing games. We emphasize that this function will not be implementing in all the titles of the console.
  • Only some will have this capacity. The use of headphones will work only if Nintendo licenses them.
  • Here these headphones can be connecting directly to the Game Pad as the Wii U Controller Pro cannot connect headphones.

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