Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes

Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes – The display of Whirlpool washer problem codes on your washing machine is the most unsettling sight. You could notice beeping sounds, worry if the steam function malfunction, or fear that a complex and pricey repair is soon required.

After all, the Whirlpool duet washer error codes and the Whirlpool washing machine error codes might be challenging to decipher. Thus, we are providing you with a troubleshooting guide today, so you can quickly identify your machine and keep your family’s clothes clean.

Front-Load Washing Machine Error Codes

LOC or LC – Control Lock has been activated

Touch the Control Lock button, or consult your Owner’s Manual to find out which button (on earlier models) initiates the control lock. You must push and hold the button on some models.

dET – Detergent cartridge not detected in the dispenser.

And also on a few models only. Ignore this warning if you only use detergent for single loads. Ensure the dispenser drawer is completely closed, and the dispenser cartridge is placed appropriately.

Int – The cycle was paused or cancelled.

This error number will be visible when the washer drains and stops spinning, which might take 20 to 30 minutes. Unplug the washer or turn off the electricity for one minute if the code is still visible. Press the power button once, then the stop or cancel button two times to delete the code.

RL or F34 – Items were detected in the washer during the Clean Washer cycle.

Restart the Clean Washer cycle after removing the contents of the drum.

Sud or Sd – There are too many suds in the washing machine.

The extra suds will prevent the washer from spinning out water. The washer automatically increases the rinse time to get rid of the excess suds when “Sud” or “Sd” are shown. The washer stops the tumble at this period and adds water for extra rinsing. The suds’ bubbles might burst during this interval. To get rid of the suds, it is essential to stop and rinse numerous times.

Make sure the detergent you’re using is HE or High Efficiency. Learn more about using HE detergent in your washer.

You could have too many suds if you used liquid chlorine bleach that is “easy-pour” or “no splash”. A thickening additive is present in this kind of liquid chlorine bleach, which might cause excessive suds in washers. Run the washing with ordinary liquid bleach products if this is the situation.

A constricted standpipe or drain hose may also cause the Sud or Sd code (drainpipe). Check to see whether the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed. Discover more details about Drain Hose Installation.

F5 E2 – The door is not locking properly.

Verify sure the door is entirely closed and that nothing is obstructing it. To reset the code, press the Pause or Cancel button three times and the Power button once.

F7 E1 – indicates a mistake in the motor speed sensor,

The motor cannot run at the appropriate speed for the chosen cycle. Verify that:

  • The shipping bolts have all been removed.
  • There is no excess load in the washer.

To reset the code, press the Pause or Cancel button three times and the Power button once.

F8 E1 or LO FL – The washer detects a low water flow.

Verify that: Both the cold and hot water faucets or valves are fully open and the home’s water supply is switched on. There are no kinks in the water input hoses (learn more about How to check your Fill Hoses if your washer is not Filling). The water pipe leading to the washer is not equipped with anti-flood hoses and controls (see more about Should my front-load washer include flood-safe devices? To reset the code, press the Pause or Cancel button three times and the Power button once.

F8 E2 – shows that the Dispenser System is having issues.

And also, on a few models only. Ensure the detergent is not clogged in the detergent drawer or cartridge. Please find out more about Cleaning my washer dispensers.

F9 E1 – shows that drain times are more excellent than anticipated, usually exceeding eight (8) minutes.

Verify that: The drain pipe is not kinked or obstructed. Use the drain hose form in a U shape. The minimum and maximum standpipe (drainpipe) height restrictions are 39″ (99 cm) and 96″ (244 cm), respectively.

Discover more details about Drain Hose Installation.

Moreover, too many suds might hinder emptying. Be sure that the detergent you use is HE.

Other F# E# code – Indicates other error

Remove the washer’s plug or turn off the power for a moment, then turn it back on—press Start after reselecting the cycle. Call Us or schedule service online to have a skilled technician examine the washer if the code doesn’t go away.

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