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Vise Ai Powered 65m Series

Vise Ai Powered 65m Series – A $65 million Series C fundraising round led by Ribbit Capital and featuring current investors Sequoia was announced by Vise today. With a $1 billion post-money value, the startup acknowledged to TechCrunch that this round formally propelled Vise into unicorn territory. On the Disrupt Startup Battlefield stage, the startup made its debut in 2019, and since then. It has raised more than $125 million.

Vise provides freelance financial advisors with the same amount of data as firms with in-house analyst departments via a platform driven by AI.

According to co-founder and CEO Samir Vasavada. The objective is to allow independent financial advisors the time and energy to cultivate their client relationships instead of tackling the complex arithmetic required to build portfolios. Advisors can concentrate on the former because Vise handles much of the latter area’s heavy lifting.

The idea behind Vise is to automate an extremely dated industry to empower people rather than “replace them” with technology. “Enable financial freedom for everyone” is the ultimate objective.

We need to create a platform that can automatically create service assets worth hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, according to Vasavada. Then, tackle this industry, a lot of technical infrastructure and systems for trading and go-to-market can remain established.

Assets under management have increased four times to $250 million, and client accounts have more than doubled since the company raised its Series B.

What Is Vise?

An investment management platform driven by AI design for advisors is  Vise. Financial advisers can build their businesses and assist clients in achieving their goals with the technology provided by Vise. Which Samir Vasavada and Runik Mehrotra founded in 2016. It entails building highly customized portfolios, automating the investment management process, and offering an in-depth analysis of each investment choice. In addition, Vise aims to give everyone financial freedom by empowering counselors. The headquarters of Vise is in New York.

What Is Vise Ai Powered?

A new feature I like is that you can set how many gains and losses you want a client to have for a given year. And this allows you to more easily collaborate with a client’s CPA if you are not doing their tax preparation yourself,” said Wilson. “They [Vise] aren’t just trading; you get an email saying the situation done, and you get a detail report about what is bought and sold.

Samir Vasavada, co-founder and CEO of Vise, said the latest improvements were all about carrying out the company’s objective to offload manual duties and bring as much automation to an advisor’s life as possible.

In uncertain times like these, where you’re likely fielding many calls from anxious clients throughout the day and having to explain the circumstances while tactically managing all of their methodologies, this process is automated, allowing you to speak with the client and explain what happened. Still, Vise has to work these shifts and adjustments, whether strategic and operational tax loss harvesting or methodical cash distributions.

Vise Ai Powered 65m Series

Vise, an AI-driven investment management platform based in NYC and designed for advisors, secured $65 million in Series C funding.

The investment was head by Ribbit Capital with participation from current investors Sequoia Capital. Bringing the total amount raised since creation to over $125m.

An investment management platform driven by AI design for advisors is called Vise. The platform provides financial advisors with the technology and resources they need to build customized portfolios. Fully automating the investment management process and offering in-depth analysis of each investment choice.

The firm’s assets under management have increased by more than four times to over $250 million since the Series B funding round in December 2020. And client accounts have increased by more than twice as much. The company also delivered several new product features for customers and finished the integration with significant custodians.

Additionally, Vise has named Dave Twardowski, a former vice president at Avantis Investors and Dimensional Fund Advisors. As vice president and head of the investment strategy, Andrew Fong. A former vice president of infrastructure engineering at Dropbox, as chief technology officer.

Vise Series B

A statement stated that Vise raised $45 million in a Series B funding round. Sequoia Capital served as the lead investor in the most recent investment round, which followed a $14.5 million Series A earlier this year. Other investors included Allen & Company, Founders Fund, and Greenoaks Capital.

Sequoia is adding Ravi Gupta to Vise’s board as part of its investment. Where he will join Shaun Maguire, another company representative.

According to the statement, Vise would use the money to “continue to build up and strengthen its product and functionalities and to expand its team.” The company said that since May. Its clientele has doubled, with additions of Aurelien Capital Partners. Which just registered as an RIA, Barber Financial Group, with regulatory filings indicating that it has $1.3 billion in AUMHexagon Capital Partners, with $417 million in AUM.


Vise, a company founded by Samir Vasavada and Runik Mehrotra and formally introduced in November 2019. Is the conviction that people are more equipped to manage their clients’ financial issues. Than an app when given the appropriate technologies. Through AI-driven automation, Vise supports advisor-client interaction throughout its entire lifecycle. It entails selecting various investment strategies and building specialized portfolios suited to each client’s needs, values, and goals in a way that maximizes. Financial opportunities and guards against market volatility. The software also provides talking points on the rationale behind each portfolio decision to assist financial advisors.

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