The Dell Latitude 5400 lacks an eye-catching design, like most business laptops in the Latitude family. However, this laptop is rigid and has several incredible design features. And also, the laptop sports a plain slate-grey polycarbonate chassis to provide more information. It’s impressive that this laptop doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy despite being built of plastic.

The laptop is so solid and stiff that you won’t hear any creaking or flexing. However, a series of solid plastic hinges securely holds Dell Latitude 5400’s lid and base together. Speaking about the cover, it has a large “Dell” logo imprinted into the middle of it. On the otherwise plain surface of the lid, there is just this logo. However, the logo’s silver accent gives the cover.

Opening this lid reveals a 14-inch non-touchscreen display with HD (1366 x 768) resolution on Dell Latitude 5400. A different kind of laptop is available, though, and it has a 14-inch touchscreen display with FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

Dell Latitude 5400 Review: My Take

A business laptop with an optional touchscreen FHD display and exceptional CPU performance is Dell Latitude 5400. This laptop also features a comfortable keyboard and a long battery life. Apart from its ugly look, this laptop hasn’t much to hate.

Do You Require a Laptop for Corporate Use That Performs Superbly? If So, You Should Read This Review of The Dell Latitude 5400. I’ll go into great detail about the laptop’s features, design, and specs. After that, I’ll detail the performance of the laptop’s CPU, RAM, storage, GPU, and battery life.

Additionally, I will use the outcomes of benchmark tests to compare the laptop’s performance with that of a few of its main rivals. In addition, I’ll give each component of this review a score between one and 10. These evaluations will remain based on my viewpoint and the laptop’s performance. As a result, once you’ve finished reading our evaluation, you should have enough knowledge to make a wise buying choice.

The Dell Latitude series has provided us with a wide range of high-performing business laptops since it remained first introduced in 1994. So, to broaden the selection, Dell produced the Latitude 5400 in 2019.

Dell Latitude 5400 is a business laptop that, as expected, has several model specifications and excellent performance. But, impressively, these outstanding features and performance are affordably priced. To be more precise, in March 2022, when I published this evaluation, the Dell Latitude 5400 had a starting price of $595.51. But can the Dell Latitude 5400 compete with other business laptops in the Latitude family in terms of features and performance?

Based On The 14-Inch Touchscreen FHD Dell Latitude 5400, This Evaluation.

Based On The 14-Inch Touchscreen FHD Dell Latitude 5400, This Evaluation.

This display provides a respectable image quality and colour accuracy for online surfing and streaming videos. Additionally, the IPS screen used in this display is glossy. The main advantage of having a glossy IPS panel-based collection is that it enables wide viewing angles and a rich presentation of colours.

Because of this, the laptop’s display’s information and colours may remain seen from various angles without sacrificing quality. Therefore, it is safe to say that the 14-inch FHD display on Dell Latitude 5400 gives nothing less than a superb viewing experience.

The laptop with an HD display is still lovely, despite this. In reality, the laptop’s HD non-touchscreen display provides decent visual quality for casual online surfing and movie streaming. The 14-inch display of Dell Latitude 5400 remains surrounded by broad top and bottom bezels and tiny side bezels. An HD IR sensor webcam remains also located at the top bezel.

This webcam supports facial recognition for simple Windows Hello login thanks to its IR sensor. However, the HD webcam’s grainy and blurry image quality makes it seem less than ideal for taking pictures.

The Camera Is Still Fairly Good for Frequent Skyping and Video Conversations.

Moving on, Dell Latitude 5400 has a keyboard in the chiclet design. This keyboard’s keys remain evenly spaced to accommodate various finger sizes. Performance-wise, the keys are lively and react quickly to inputs. Users may have a pleasant and joyful typing experience as a result. A large touchpad is provided by Dell Latitude 5400 at the keyboard’s base of the keyboard. Additionally, a group of specific click buttons remain included with the touchpad.

This touchpad performs very well and reacts to touches without any lag. Additionally, it allows multitouch actions like pinching to zoom and scrolling with two fingers. Around its sides, the Dell Latitude 5400 has a sizable number of ports for users’ convenience. In addition, the laptop features a USB Type-C (DisplayPort/Thunderbolt 3) port, a USB Type-A port, and a DC-in power socket on the left side.

An Ethernet Connection, Two USB Type-A Connectors,

An HDMI 1.4b port, an SD card slot, and a headphone jack are all located on the right side of the device. After stating all that, let’s discuss the laptop’s size and weight. In that sense, the Dell Latitude 5400 measures 323.1 x 216 x 19.6 – 20.8 mm and weighs just 1520 g. (W x D x H). We may conclude that this Dell laptop is not very hefty based on the above weight. Consequently, you ought should be able to carry the computer about in your bag with ease

The Dell Latitude 5400 weighs less than some of its closest rivals. For instance, the HP Notebook 15 ay011nr has dimensions 384 x 255 x 23.7 mm and weighs 2140 g. (W x D x H). So I’ll give the Dell Latitude 5400 an eight out of 10 on its excellent design and portability to wrap up our design evaluation part.

Dell Latitude 5400 Processor (CPU) Performance Review

Dell Latitude 5400 has a quad-core Intel Core i7-8665U CPU for computational capability. If it helps, a quad-core processor is a CPU with four cores on its chip. Since it has more seats than a dual-core or single-core CPU, it guarantees a quicker and better performance. Dell Latitude 5400’s CPU has a quad-core and an 8 MB cache memory.

Not only that, but this processor’s base frequency is 1.90 GHz, and its top speed is 4.80 GHz. With this CPU, the Dell Latitude 5400 should easily handle both straightforward and complex computer jobs.

I’ll present the results of this laptop’s Geekbench 4.4 test for further information on its CPU performance. To be clear, Geekbench 4.4 is a cross-platform benchmark test that assesses a computer’s CPU performance by executing various workloads.

Additionally, the processor performs better the higher its test score. Accordingly, the Dell Latitude 5400 received a test score of 18275. This Dell laptop fared better than the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 notebook. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 achieved 17234 points on the Geekbench 4.4 test.

Notable Additional Hardware on This Lenovo Laptop Is The Intel Core I7-8665U CPU.

Notable Additional Hardware on This Lenovo Laptop Is The Intel Core I7-8665U CPU.

The Dell Latitude 5400 has an excellent CPU that provides good performance for most computer duties. Furthermore, this Dell laptop outscored most of its rivals on a CPU benchmark test using this chip. Therefore, in this CPU evaluation area, the Dell Latitude 5400 deserves a nine out of 10.

Beauty in every detail

Travel light: The Latitude 5400 has a redesigned, slim, contemporary design that makes it more portable and mobile than ever. The bottom-mounted keyboard facilitates its sleek appearance and feel. The display remains loaded with tools to help you stay focused on your job, including an antiglare screen.

The 5000 series Latitudes were the first to incorporate post-industrial carbon fibre in the construction and include up to 16.96% post-consumer recycled material, preventing nearly 2 million pounds of carbon fibre from ending in landfills. In addition, they remained constructed with sustainability in mind.

Performance Evaluation of The Dell Latitude 5400’s Memory (RAM)

The laptop has a standard 4 GB of RAM and a 2666MHz DDR4 memory type, but you are not limited to that amount because this laptop has two memory slots. You may thus increase the laptop’s RAM to a maximum of 32 GB. However, I don’t believe an upgrade will remain required as the 4 GB of regular RAM is plenty to keep everything operating normally.

In particular, this laptop’s 4 GB RAM should enable it to operate 15 Chrome tabs and two YouTube videos simultaneously. Not only that, but this laptop should make it incredibly simple to flip between these Chrome tabs and the movies.

To Further Confirm the Memory Performance of This Laptop,

Let’s look at the results of its PCMark 10 test. PCMark 10 is a benchmark test that evaluates a computer’s memory efficiency by simulating joint operations like word processing. You might be interested to learn that a high score on this benchmark test denotes strong memory performance. According to the test findings, the Dell Latitude 5400 scored 4088 points, outperforming most of its competitors.

For instance, this laptop outperformed the Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i, which obtained 3862 points on the PCMark 10 test. I will thus give the Dell Latitude 5400 a score of nine in this area of memory evaluation because of its exceptional benchmark results.