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How to Schedule an Email in Gmail? – Steps to Follow.

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail is one of the most popular email tools because of how well it works and its things. However, in principle, there is something efficient that the Google mail service does not offer: the option of scheduling emails to be sent later at a particular time.

Fortunately, many developers have noticed this problem, and there are many ways to fix it.

How to Change your Gmail Username?

Steps to follow:

To schedule emails in Gmail and have them sent when you want, you will have to install an extension in your email service. One of the most used and practical is Boomerang, which is also free.

  • Also, Click on the big button that says, ” Add this to your Gmail! “. A small dialog box will open in which you will be explaining what permissions the extension will have if you add it.
  • In this case, it can read and modify your data and manage your extensions, applications, and themes. It is all normal, so click the “Add” button to confirm.
  • After accepting the installation, you will first see a notification that the extension has been adding.
  • Next, Gmail will load in your browser, and in the center, you will see a large window in which you will be taken step by step through Boomerang’s operation.
  • Also, Click on the “start” button to see the short tutorial (or on Skip if you think it will come to you with our explanation).
  • When you have the extension installed in Gmail, compose the email that you want to schedule.
  • You will see that a new toolbar has appeared at the bottom of the compose message window. It’s Boomerangs. Click on the button in red that says “Send later” to schedule the email.

When you click on the ” Send Later ” button, a drop-down menu will open in which you will see many shipping options:

  • Send it within 1, 2, or 4 hours, tomorrow morning or afternoon, in several days, weeks, or one month, or finally tell it exactly when you want the shipment to take place Select the option that interests you.

A pop-up window will open (you will have to have them unlocked) in which Google asks you to give Boomerang permission for two things:

  • View and manage your email and know who you are on Google. Click “OK” to continue the email scheduling process.

The Message will Have Been Programmed:

  • To see all the emails you have programmed with this tool. Click on the icon of a boomerang in the upper right part of the screen.
  • (Between your name and the configuration squares). In the drop-down tariff, select “Manage scheduled messages.” And a new tab will open with all the info.
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