Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes- When there is a problem with your dishwasher’s regular operations, error codes for Samsung dishwashers will appear on your digital display panel. You may address issues as they emerge by being aware of the Samsung dishwasher error codes on your digital dishwasher. Before repairing your dishwasher, always turn it off and unplug it.

Your dishwasher’s error code means there’s a problem. You may be able to fix certain issues on your own with some simple troubleshooting, restoring your dishwasher to full functionality. Below is a collection of references to help you determine the problem and what needs to be done.

The most typical error codes for Samsung dishwashers are:

The most typical error codes for Samsung dishwashers are:

OE/OC/0C/oE – Water Overflow Error

This error occurs when the dishwasher has too much water in it. That can mean there is an issue with the main power board assembly or water intake valve. Examine the sink connection, filter, sump pump, drain, and drain hose. Remove any obstructions. Replace the inlet valve or power board if the water fills up even after replacement.

1E/IE – Clogged Filter Error

This signal indicates that the filter is not allowing water to pass. A Samsung technician should be contacted if the issue continues. Clean the fine filter at the bottom of your dishwasher to make the necessary repairs.

HE – Water Heater Error

Examine the heater’s primary power board assembly and wire connections. Replace the heater if it isn’t working. The main power board can be an issue if the heater is working correctly. If broken, replace.

HE1 – Thermistor Error

This signal indicates that the dishwasher’s internal temperature is either over 176°F or below 175°F. That may be the result of a jammed heat relay on the main power board or a thermistor that has to be changed if it’s broken.

Flashing “Heavy” – Water Leak

There is a water leak if you notice the word “heavy” flashing on your digital screen. Check the drain pipe, then tighten it or replace it.

LC/LE – Water Leak Error

Examine the tub, drain pump and hoses. It indicates that the drain hoses or pump are broken, resulting in a water leak under the dishwasher. Replace any broken components.

IE/1E – Clogged Filter Error

When the water in the dishwasher is not getting through the filter at the bottom, this error number is frequently encountered in waterfall machines. Clean the filter to repair. Contact a Samsung service agent if the code persists.

bE2/BE – Control Panel Button Stuck Error


The control panel’s button that is stuck is one. To locate and remove the stuck button, press all the other buttons first. Replace the control panel if the problem continues to exist.

CE – Communication Error

The dishwasher and control panel cannot communicate. The dishwasher should remain shut off and restarted to repair. Get in touch with a Samsung service professional if the issue persists.

PE – Half Load Error Code

This error number denotes a problem with the motor assembly, sump pump, or diverter assembly. That happens when it is in half-load mode and the diverter assembly, which controls the spray arm, is not functioning. Examine the wiring harness and tighten any loose wires. Delete any damaged components.

3C – Pump Operation Error

This error signifies the water pump is not operating. It will probably need to remain replaced if turning off and restarting the dishwasher does not fix it.

3E – High-Temperature Error

The water is boiling, according to this code. Verify the machine’s water temperature setting to ensure it remain set to less than 175F. There are many different types of  Samsung service technicians we have to contact them.

4C/4E – Water Supply Error

Six minutes after turning on the dishwasher, if there is no water in the tub, this code will illuminate. It might remain a sign that the water entry valve remain broken. Check that the inlet valve screen is clear and the water supply cut-off valve is entirely open. To ensure the valve remain connected correctly, examine all the wirings. The water input valve should remain changed.

5C/5E/SC/SE – Water Not Draining Error

Water Not Draining Error

This code denotes either an excessively sluggish or nonexistent water drainage. Examine and remove any obstructions from the sump pump, drainage hose, filter, sink connection and drain. In case the issue persists, replace any damaged parts.

7E – Waterwall Reflector Error

When the material reflector remains obstructed and immobile, this error happens. Ensure the mirror remains correctly placed and the component is not stuck. Verify that all the packing tape has remained removed from the new equipment.

9E – Low Water Level Error

If it is not enough water in the dishwasher, this occurs. Dishes that have become wet should remain emptied once you open the dishwasher. Ensure that your machine is level and that all the connections remain tightly attached. If broken, replace the wire harness or water level sensor.


An error code may only remain seen as an actual code on models with a digital display. For models lacking shows, flashing lights will remain used instead. See our guide to deciphering the code if your dishwasher is not functioning correctly and the lights are flashing.

Before trying to reset the dishwasher or clear the code, always run the proper troubleshooting. Otherwise, the problem causing the error won’t remain fixed, which might make it recur or damage the dishwasher.