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Rem Crypto Write For Us – In December 2019, REM People got its first investment, which it would use to promote global expansion. Both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges allow trading of REM tokens. Gate is the most well-liked marketplace for buying and trading Rem. REM People works with 120 brands and retailers each of which is a market leader, and provides services to over 50 countries through regional offices in Dubai, London, and Istanbul.

“The Beginning Of A Sustained Partnership”

By using these funds for R&D, worldwide growth, new products, and the creation of a market offering one-stop retail analytics services, we want to hasten the scaling of our AI-based technology. I’m also excited that this is only the beginning of a long-lasting international cooperation, and I anticipate announcing other investment rounds in the near future. The adventure began in 2015, according to Bulent Pekker, co-founder and CEO of REM People, and “this is another key turning point in it.”

The Project REM People Is Exciting.

“This innovative initiative is at the forefront of IT solutions. We were highly impressed with the REM People team, their vision, and their dedication to working with brands to guarantee that their products are always available and visible in the shopping areas, that their pricing is accurate, that their planograms and other KPIs are compliant, and that the competition is closely monitored.

“Although assessing data for internet channels is very simple, making data relevant in physical media is still difficult. We are happy to support REM People as they pursue their international objectives since they provide a novel solution to this issue.

About Rem crypto?
There is a 1,000 M REM supply that is in motion. Rem is a digital key-based ecosystem of identity and access management technologies. In order to meet the demands of Web 3.0, Rem, a company founded in 2015, is developing the decentralized Public Key Infrastructure protocol and PKI-enabled apps.

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