Logitech C922 Software

Logitech C922 software has the excellent quality, considering it is a webcam. Most desktops either lack a webcam or include a deficient quality webcam.

This webcam is positioned as an excellent option for everyone who needs to create content or stream live.

What is the Logitech C922 webcam highly compatible with?

With the different equipment on the market. This Logitech model has the advantage of being highly compatible with Windows computers such as OSx, Apple’s operating system.

Tripod mount on your Logitech C922:

  • The C922 model, like its competition, has a thread that allows it to be adjusted to an external tripod or the much-used light rings.

High-quality autofocus:

  • One of the good advantages of this webcam is that it has automatic focus. Something that not many webcams on the market have, which makes it an excellent recording option.

His greatest weakness :

  • Among its shortcomings, we once again clarify that the Logitech model continues with inferior quality audio. Its audio greeneries a lot to be desired, considering the price of this camera. C
  • Another of its weak points is that we use this camera to record videos with its software or other applications.
  • It has the small problem that the audio tends to get out of sync with the video, which can be a big problem if you want to use this camera for Streaming.

A dull and dull image:

  • It is incredible that this webcam considering its price still has such a dark image and lack of sharpness.


Serious streamers need the super-fast frame rate of 60fps at 720p for a smooth video, and that’s what the C922 does.

Your streaming broadcast will have no lag or distortion.


  • Record and stream natural videos. Through the glass lens and Full HD 1080p, unique details and vivid, lifelike colors are captured in 30fps video.
  • And the 78-degree field of view accommodates two people. You can use the app for zoom and pan functions.


  • Equipped with HD autofocus and light correction, the C922 adjusts to the lighting conditions to produce sharpness.
  • High-definition images, even when you’re in a dark environment.


  • Through two microphones, one on each side, the C922 Professional Webcam can capture more realistic sound from any angle. So your voice is heard, strong and natural.

General Product Specifications:

Compatible software (as of release date) Logitech Camera Settings, Cameo by Personify

Supported Operating Systems / Platforms (As of Release Date) Windows 7, Windows 8, and with Windows 10

  • Mac OS 10.9 or later
  • Chrome OS and Android v5.0 or later
  • Webcam and Security Specifications
  • Connection type USB 2.0
  • Indicator lights (LEDs) White
  • Microphone Double
  • Recording 1080p 30 fps, 720p 60, 720p 30 fps
  • Mountable Yes
  • Lens and sensor type Full HD glass lens
  • Focus type 20-stop autofocus
  • The diagonal field of view 78 °
  • Horizontal visual field 70.42 °
  • Vertical field of view 43.3 °
  • Frame rate (max.) 720p 60 fps / 1080p 30 fps
  • Night vision No
  • Integrated storage No
  • USB protocol 2.0
  • UVC compatibility 1.1
  • Cable length 1.8 m (6 ft)
  • Microphone type Dual integrated stereo
  • Remote type (specifications)
  • Image Capture (SD 4: 3) Yes
  • Image capture (W 16: 9) Yes
  • Video Capture (SD 4: 3) Yes
  • Video Capture (16: 3 9) Yes
  • RightLight Automatic low light correction
  • Video effects Background Blend with Cameo by Personify
  • Privacy cover No
  • Tripod mounting option Yes
  • Adjustable universal clip Yes


  • We continue to consider that the price of Logitech makes them an expensive option and that their price/quality is not very attached.
  • Today, there is a wide variety of webcams that we can buy. So we recommend you see our analysis of the Elite and Spyro webcams, another pair of cameras that, due to their price, are a great alternative to this Logitech model.