How to get Microsoft Word Free  – I don’t think it is daring to say that Microsoft Word free Access is the most popular word processor among users. At least in the paid software market. It is currently an element that can not be missing in any Office suite and a tool many people use to create many documents. Microsoft Word is a program that allows you to write, process, enrich, and edit texts from a blank page or use one of its different templates. This processor offers an extensive range of tools for text, style, revision, references, and many other utilities. This program is office automation par excellence.

What is Microsoft Word?

  • To help you get the best results, Microsoft Word puts a task manager at your service, a spell checker compatible with many languages, supporting exporting documents to PD Fand much more.
  • The Office processor supports various formats, including MHT, MHTML, XML, ODT, TXT, DOCX, DOCM, DOTX, DOTM, DOC, DOT, HTM, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOT, PDF, XPS, and WPS.
  • Microsoft Word is a very efficient tool for small annotations or large monographs or portfolios.
  • According to their knowledge and needs, it adapts perfectly to all types of users. So download Microsoft Word and see what it can do for you.
  • Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet edited the version of Word independently, but it includes in the Office office suite.

How to Updated Course HTML and CSS?

We have made an intense update of the aulaClic “HTML Course” since we have created several new topics to deal with CSS style sheets more widely. Now the course is renamed “HTML and CSS Course.” We have also rewritten the HTML part incorporating the new semantic tags.

Therefore it can be said that this course is practically a new course rather than an update. The exercises are all new and can be downloaded for free without registering as a user of the aula Click website. You do not have to provide any info or email address to download the files to perform the exercises.

New Course Lightroom CC:

  • Lightroom CC is a new, cloud-based form of the traditional Lightroom computer program. That form still exists under the name Lightroom Classic.
  • Thus, Lightroom CC stores photos in the cloud by default and allows access to them from any device linked to the internet, whether a computer or a mobile phone, since there is a Lightroom CC mobile app.
  • Lightroom CC maintains most traditional program functions for organizing, sorting, searching for photos, and digitally editing and developing pictures.
  • Also, it incorporates new functions taking advantage of the cloud, such as sharing photographs in various ways.
  • It also has a camera function to take pictures of your mobile instead of using each mobile phone’s camera application.
  • Lightroom CC is an excellent tool for professional and amateur photographers that saves a lot of time working with the thousands of photos taken today.
  • It has handy automatic search tools. It also allows the digital development of multiple images in the same period.

New Course WordPress:

New course WordPress:

  • WordPress is a Content Management Scheme or CMS (Content Management System) for its acronym in English. We can define a CMS as a platform that serves to make and manage a website’s contents.
  • In other words, to describe it as thoroughly as possible, with WordPress, we can create very diverse websites without the need to write code, and, at the same time.
  • We can easily create and manage the content that said the site is going to display.
  • This complete course will learn WordPress from scratch, with solved exercises, self-assessments, and videos.

How to Install Ubuntu step by step?

Nowadays, few people know that they have the option of installing an operating system other than Windows for their PC and that, also, this system can be free without resorting to illegal downloads.

  • This alternative includes an essential collection of applications (office automation, browsers, music, design, photography, etc.), representing a significant saving of resources.
  • The option is to install one of the many GNU / Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu.
  • A few years ago, the discussion between free and proprietary software ignited specific passions among knowledgeable software users.
  • Now it is a discussion that, although necessary, has gradually passed into the background. We assume that most PCs use Microsoft Windows (proprietary software).
  • While most Internet servers use some Linux and free software version.
  • However, just as there is Microsoft software for servers, there is also free software for PCs