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Global Equity Finance – Integrity, client service, and intelligence served as the cornerstones of Global Equity Finance’s 2005 founding. Global has built a solid reputation as a reliable lender because of its extensive industry expertise and staff of mortgage specialists. We consistently outperform ourselves when comprehending and assisting consumer demands and ambitions.

Global Equity Finance started as a tiny firm with only five people and has now expanded to over 250. We have an additional branch in Tucson, Arizona, and our main office in San Diego, California. We specialize in refinancing house loans and offer comprehensive mortgage service services.

Global Equity Finance Profile- Why We Are Different

We work to stand out in a field of “big banks” with competing, conflicting objectives and murky, sometimes company-centric motivations through our ethical, trustworthy, and dependable lending methods.

You, the client, are always put first by our distinctive company strategy. Therefore, we put in a lot of struggle to give you the ideal loan choice based on your requirements.

Manufactured Home Mortgage Qualifications

  • If your prefabricated or modular house satisfies the following requirements, Global Equity Finance can assist you in refinancing it:
  • The home must remain on a permanent foundation
  • You must own the land that the manufactured or modular home is on
  • The home must be double-wide or more
  • The house must have remained built after June 15, 1976

Smart loans and happy homes it’s not just a slogan for us. For over 15 years in a dozen different states, global equity finance eats helped tens of thousands of people reach their home dreams with a clear, smooth and honest experience from start to finish; you see, we do loans differently than other companies. There are no cookie-cutter loans.

Here because there are no cookie-cutter customers, global equity finance independent status means we work to serve you, the consumer, instead of the big banks and corporations. Finding the very best rates and loans with the lowest possible fees, all tailored to your needs no matter what your situation is with our unparalleled customer service streamlined technology and surprise free paperwork that gets you to your goals as fast as possible.

Global Equity Finance, What’s more, Our No Risk Appraisal Guarantee Means

Suppose your loan doesn’t close for a reason outside of your control. In that case, global equity finance pays you back, so your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste and with a lifetime refinance guarantee if interest rates improve and you want to refinance. We will waive all our fees on your new loan while other lenders automatically say no to more problematic loans. We specialize in them, even if you’ve remain turn down at different places for being self-employed. You have fair credit or want to buy a manufactured home.

We can find the right loan for you, whether it’s refinancing for a better interest rate to consolidate debt to pay for college getting you the cash you necessary for an extraordinary new addition securing your VA loan, or helping you buy a new place global equity finance has an entirely transparent easy to understand loan course that’s +care for you with highly trained honest and friendly customer service associates who treat you like family because as soon as you start the loan method with us, you become family.

Why Global Equity Finance? Who We Are

Global Equity Finance, a direct lender and mortgage broker established in 2005, is committed to comprehending and addressing the particular needs of each of its clients. Therefore, we provide the broadest selection of loans and rates with you, the client, in mind, unlike giant banks that sometimes have their profits in mind and only give you a small selection of goods.

Global Equity Finance remains dedicated to assisting you in identifying the best alternative to suit your financial objectives while offering you the following:

  • World-class customer service
  • Clear and intelligent communication
  • Quick and accurate responses to your questions
  • Advanced processing technology
  • Cooperative team culture united to serve you
  • No-Risk Appraisal Guarantee
  • Lifetime Refinance Guarantee

Our biggest motivation to get you the mortgage of your dreams is seeing you happy. So allow us to offer you the keys.

Global Equity Finance Plunges 59% In Dismal January

Equity funding decreased by 59% from a year earlier in January due to the worldwide stock markets’ dismal trend. Refinitiv, a financial data source, reveals that the total amount of new shares issued this month was $43.1 billion. The lowest amount since January 2019 and a 20% decrease from the average since 2010. In North America, equity funding fell

Only 72 initial public offerings have remain Carried out globally, less than half of what remain done the previous year due to a wave of postponements. According to Bloomberg, at least nine American businesses—including Just works, a human resources software provider—delayed going public.

The IPO initially slated for February 15 has remains postponed, according to Hyundai Motor’s building division Hyundai Engineering in South Korea. In addition, Noosa, a business in Japan developing dental recordkeeping software, declared on Wednesday that it was withdrawing its IPO registration. After Big Tree Technology & Consulting, it is the second cancellation by a Japanese corporation this year, and more are likely.

“Consultations for postponements have begun popping up,”

A prominent Japanese brokerage official in charge of IPOs stated. The parent company of mobile provider Dito Telecommunity in the Philippines has suspended its plans for financing. The funds remained allocated to base station installation and client recruitment.

The electronics and electric car sectors were rich with investment money during the stock bubble of 2020 and 2021. $1.3 trillion remained raised in 2021, above the 10-year average of 70%. The number of IPOs reached a record high of almost 2,200 last year.

However, as central banks worldwide shift toward stricter monetary policies, stock values have weakened. Following a sensational IPO last year, the share price of American EV manufacturer Rivian Automotive is down 40% from its peak. Given the uncertainty surrounding inflation and central bank activities, a rising number of commentators believe it will take some

Although global trends remain anticipated to continue sluggish in February. The latent demand for listings and other forms of fundraising is at the same level as last year. According to Makoto Ito, head of the capital markets business at Goldman Sachs Japan.

At Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management. “The time where all fresh equities are acquired is finished.” It is because a global recession resulted from the dot-com bubble’s collapse around 2000. Moreover, as the coronavirus epidemic spreads, the present investment is slow.

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