Fantasy Football Trade Advice – We’ll guide you through your league’s trade waters throughout the season with our fantasy football trade advice. You can obtain immediate feedback using the “Who Should I Trade?” tool. Still, you can free sync your organisation using My Playbook to receive trade recommendations tailored to your team using our Trade Analyzer and Trade Finder tools.

Let’s look at players this week to purchase and sell. Please look at our weekly trade value chart, which includes the most recent player valuations.

Fantasy Football Trade Advice Week 3: Examining Trade Value for This Year’s Top 100 Players

Fantasy Football Trade Advice Week 3: Examining Trade Value for This Year's Top 100 Players

Fantasy Football Trade Advice – It can be difficult to avoid being comfortable if your team is off to a 2-0 start and challenging to prevent overreacting if your fantasy season starts with a 0-2 disaster. Regardless, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of current events, assess your squad, and be open to possible agreements as other players in your league try to take advantage of you.

The Fantasy Football Trade Advice is here to guide you as you negotiate those dangerous seas. These values remained still developed with consideration for standard PPR formats. The trade value of any unlisted players is one. And may the fantasy points be with you as usual!

Jaylen Waddle Has Developed Into Such a Fascinating Player in Terms of Trade Value.

On the one hand, his 104 catches as a rookie made him a WR2 in traditional PPR setups last season. On the other hand, he didn’t produce exceptional yards (1,015) or touchdowns (6), but those numbers were still excellent enough to place him in the top 20 wide receivers. However, there was a legitimate worry throughout this campaign that Tyreek Hill may reduce some of his output. And maybe that will be true over the entire season.

But after two weeks, both players have shown to be viable WR1 options in fantasy football.

  • Hill had 19 catches on 25 targets for 284 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Waddle had 15 catches on 24 targets for 240 yards and three touchdowns.

Fantasy Football Trade Advice – Tua Tagilivoa’s stunning six-touchdown effort on Sunday helped to sustain some of that output. However, Waddle appears to be more likely to be impacted by regression, considering mean in that sense considering Hill’s background as a big-play machine throughout his career.

As a result, you might remain able to sell a player in Waddle at a premium right now. It is uncommon, but not impossible, for two players on the same club to record WR1 stats. Waddle won’t be a problem; his season will be successful. But if someone makes an offer for him in exchange for a top-10 running back following his thrilling Week 2 performance, you should consider it.

It’s Time to Start Valuing Amon-Ra St. Brown as A Legitimate WR1 In Fantasy, though.

It's Time to Start Valuing Amon-Ra St. Brown as A Legitimate WR1 In Fantasy, though.


Fantasy Football Trade Advice – The 22-year-old has a touchdown in seven of his previous eight games going back to last season. In addition, he recorded double-digit targets eight times in a row, eight games with eight or more catches, and seven games with 70 or more receiving yards.

2022 Superflex Dynasty League Fantasy Football Trade Advice (July Update)

The 2022 fantasy football season officially begins with the Scott Fish Bowl 12, which is now in progress. Additionally, it indicates that July has here, and it is time to update our

Football Trade Advice.

Fantasy Football Trade Advice – In the realm of dynasties, not much has changed since the June edition stood created. The trade of Baker Mayfield from the Browns to the Panthers was the most important news. Mayfield did not travel around much since his worth already appeared to assume a career. D.J. Moore and Christian McCaffery didn’t have a lot of room to advance. That offence’s worth seems to be reasonably constant. Maybe it’s time to make Terrace Marshall a lowball offer or look on the waiver wire.

Based on some input, I made a few adjustments to the algorithm, increasing the top end while maintaining the other locations. Therefore, there should be a little bit more of a gap between the top players and the middle or late individuals. Nevertheless, I’m happy with where we’re.

What Is Different with This Chart?

I created a particular version of the Fantasy Football Trade Advice in collaboration with the professionals at The Athletic. To do this, I made exclusive values based on the opinions of the experts present and compared them to the values in my published market (ECR) version of the chart. The ECR (+/-) column can, as a consequence. You can get an advantage over your league members in this method.

For instance, the trade value for Malik Willis is still 34, which is 14 points more than the consensus! So if you can trade for him at a 20 per cent discount, you may acquire a lot of potential relevance. Use this chart to find such buys or sells and make any offers.

How To Use a Fantasy Football Trade Advice

It is a tool to simplify your life! The allocated trade value for a row remains shown in the column on the left. In theory, it is possible to trade for any player or pick in a row because they all have the same weight. By position, players remain divided into columns. The “Reddit Adjusted” column that I post on Patreon, Twitter, and Reddit serves as the ECR column’s calculation foundation. If the trade value is plus (+), it is above ECR; minus (-)is the opposite.

If you examine more significant deals (2-for-2 or 3-for-3), you may estimate how fair they are by summing the sides of each transaction. Consider the consolidation of depth and the attempt to overpay for ace players. These serve as a general framework for finding fair dealings.

How I Make These Charts: Fantasy Football Trade Advice

My model’s foundation is still composed of expert consensus rankings I have compiled from as many public sources as possible. The aim is to include as much of the market as feasible in one study. After cleaning up the names in my database, I feed the ranks before running my model on the average positional positions.

As a function of positional scarcity, I then allocate rank-based trade values based on historical relevance. Running backs are the foundation of all of my models, and the importance of WRs, TEs, and quarterbacks remains established using a function of the values of neighbouring RBs.

The rookie choices in the dynasty are a lot trickier. So, I establish a high- and low-value range for groups of options by going through crowdsourcing data (such as KTC, Twitter polls, etc.). (Early, mid, late). The current year rookie picks are a little simpler to add to the list after the NFL draught. To fine-tune the location, I will compare my selections to those of players at all positions.

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