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USB C Charger

USB C Charger almost every expedient in your bag has a rechargeable battery: phone, tablet, wireless headphones, and laptop. But even if you carry four or more devices, you don’t need a separate wall charger or power outlet or cable for each one. It is because you can charge almost everything, including the newest laptops, through a single charging technology: USB-C or USB-C PD Power Delivery.

What is the Use of USB C Charger?

This list goes far beyond a simple phone charger. Some common ground across all models is that most use a new material called Gallium Nitride (or GaN ), allowing high-power adapters to be made in much smaller sizes. As a result, these adapters generally offer a power output of 60 watts or better, putting them on a par with the 65W chargers that many laptops ship with.

(That also beats the 5W output charger that the default package still has for the iPhone 11 and earlier models, although the iPhone 11 Pro models ship with an 18W USB-C model.) Our options below include dual charging outputs instead of one, allowing multiple devices’ simultaneous charging. And most have foldable AC tips for easy travel. If you sound for the best USB C charger, read on to see which of the following devices is the one for you.

4 Best USB C Chargers To Use


1.RAVPower 61W Dual-Port Charger

  • In my opinion, this little guy has the best of both worlds. It has a USB-C power supply port and a port of the old USB-A standard.
  • It can charge any device, be it an Android smartphone or iPhone, wireless headphones, or laptops.
  • And almost everything else, including the Nintendo. Switch, the Kindle, and the iPad. Unfortunately, the PS4 controls, which tend to be very demanding on their power source, didn’t charge.
  • The RAVPower 61W Dual-Port Charger is ideal for travel thanks to its relatively small size (105 grams) and folding teeth.
  • You can load HP Specter x360 or a new MacBook Air to about 65% in one hour and load fully in just over 90 minutes.

GaN charger: No

Port 1: 61 W USB-C

Port 2: 12 W USB-A

2.RAVPower 90W 2-Port Wall Charger (RP-PC128)

  • This one beats our original 15- and 16-inch MacBook Pro charger speed but has a second USB-C port and is much smaller. With a total joint output of 90 watts.
  • That means it can charge a 15-inch or 16-inch computer by itself, or a 13-inch laptop and phone, both at full speed, at the same time.
  • Combining two powerful ports in a tiny package makes it almost indispensable for anyone who needs a sole travel-size charger for a laptop and phone or another device.

GaN charger: Yes

Port 1: 90 W USB-C

Port 2: 90 W USB-C

3.Nekteck 5-Port USB Wall Charger

  • The Nekteck wall charger is a powerhouse if you are charging multiple devices. Not only does it provide up to 87 watts of charge from its USB-C port.
  • It is suitable even for power-hungry laptops like the 15- or 16-inch MacBook Pro, but it also has 4 USB-A ports for all your other devices and accessories like your phone, headphones, or a power bank.

GaN charger: No

[Port 1: 87 W USB-C]

[Port 2: 12 W USB-A]

[Port 3: 12 W USB-A]

[Port 4: 12 W USB-A]

[Port 5: 12 W USB-A]

4.RAVPower 61W PD 3.0

  • This device offers the same power and fast-charging capabilities as the previous version in an even smaller package if you want maximum portability.
  • It will fully carry a laptop or anything else in your bag. The individual downside is that you lose the extra USB-A output port, so you can’t charge multiple devices.

GaN charger: Yes

Port: 61W USB-C

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