Tete De La Course Tour De France Übersetzung

Tete De La Course Tour De France Übersetzung

A typical bike race might look easy at first – just like the saying says, whoever gets to the finish line first wins. But if we go deeper, it becomes easy to see that races like the Tour de France provide an exciting blend of strategies, manners, and great people. Sometimes, they even have their own set of rules.

A Bit of History

The Tour de France and the well-known yellow jersey have over 100 years of history. This July, the Grande Boucle (French for Big Loop) will happen for its 109th time. Starting as an ad campaign for a daily newspaper in 1903, it grew into one of our planet’s most significant sports events.

Around 12 million people would show up at the track, and another three and a half billion from more than 190 countries across Earth watched on TV or joined online.

The Route of the 2019 Tour de France Bike Race.

Starting on July 1 in Copenhagen, the route lasts 3328 kilometers with twenty-one stages across France. There are 6 flat levels, 7 hill stages, and 6 mountain parts. Two solo races against the clock follow this.

The race finishes in Paris on July 24th. Start times change, but the athletes always end up riding on Champs-Élysées. This is a big show where sprinters race to win the last stage and enjoy it all by drinking some champagne afterward.

What The Colors of The Jerseys Mean

A three-week race needs innovative thinking and fast choices, so the Tour de France is often called “chess on wheels.” Good weather, possible accidents, mechanical issues, and a bit of luck all matter.

Each level has its winner, who gets prize money and many points added to their total. The person who wins is the one who completes all of it quickly. It also means that a rider who doesn’t win any stage may still become the overall winner.

The Groups in the Tour de France Race.

There are 18 big teams and four more from the ProTour racing. Each team has helpers, like mechanics, supervisors, doctors, and people who fix muscles, called physiotherapists. The leader, “Director Sportif,” guides the entire team. He watches from a car and decides how they should play. They follow the sports players in the Tour de France and also have water, food, and extra bikes to use if anything happens during the race.

People must also use headphones to listen to their DS’s directions and talk with other bike team members. Sometimes, the plan is made beforehand. Occasionally, we must make fast choices to find the best way against other teams’ strategies.

A Tour de France Dictionary

La Grande Boucle: The Big Loop. A well-liked French name for the Tour de France.

Maillot Jaune: The yellow jersey. I also used to call the one wearing the yellow shirt.

Lanterne Rouge: Last in the ranking. Even though it may not sound so good, the athlete mentioned is also seen specially. This can often help them during events after the Tour de France.

Tête de la Course: The head of the race. Simply, it means the person or people who lead during a stage.

Chute! Chute!: Crash! Indeed, nobody wants to see a rival hurt, but there is also separate tension when that cry is heard, and the people who talk try to understand what happened, which one fell, and how all of it will affect the race.

Domestique: The assistant. This person helps his team by bringing extra food and drink, stopping solid winds, or giving up their bike if a friend’s mechanical parts break.

The Tour de France will occur from July 1st to the 24th, 2022. To get more details and the results, it’s better to go to www.letour.fr.

Tete De La Course Tour De France Translation Week Two.

Stage 11 starts fast after a stage just for sprinters, not going very high but into challenging climbs. After going 211 kilometers, experts must tackle four small but steep hills in the last 45 kilometers to finish at Le Lioran.

It’s time to start climbing again after two stages with no hills. The map shows two back-to-back mountain climbs in the Pyrenees. After a stiff climb to the Tourmalet Col in Saint-Lary-Soulan Pla d’Adet, stage fourteen finishes. The next day, the trip reaches its highest point at Plateau de Beille. It covers 198 kilometers and has a gain of 4,850 meters in height.


Race Leader Tour De France Translation, of course. That idea is for everyone who has reached Paris in the Tour. But it’s clear how the path is shown, especially to top leaders in a group called G.C. They must stay focused and give their best work right from the beginning. They must be very careful and wise with their savings.

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