What Are RingGo App Touch’s Free Parking Advantages Over Going To A Machine?

Go to the app store on your phone and type in “RingGo” to download the RingGo app. Once the App has remained downloaded, create an account by entering a few data, and when you need to pay for parking, do so swiftly and efficiently in a few seconds.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to confirm the car you’re driving and let the provider know the precise location of your parking spot. To do this, enter the address that remains advertised on nearby signage. Next, you must confirm your payment information and let RingGo know how long you plan to stay.

RingGo app also allows you to extend your parking period wherever you are if your space runs out of time. You will remain prompted to choose how long you want to prolong when you choose your current session within the App. Select a time, confirm it, and the new time will take effect.

There is no need to display anything on your windscreen because parking enforcement authorities can see that you remain parked with RingGo by checking the vehicle registration on their equipment.

How does RingGo function?

They are no more scouring the area for coins. Wherever you are, extend your parking. To prevent receiving a penalty charge notification, you can opt to receive optional text receipts and reminders that confirm your parking and alert you when it is about to expire.

Parking Fees Using Ringgo App Pages For Pay-By-Phone Parking

What is RingGo Register, and how do I use RingGo Location codes to pay? Extending your parking session payment with RingGo Parking Charges VAT Receipts

Both are signing up with RingGo and receiving the PIN confirmation text after creating your account are free of charge. In addition to the standard parking tariff fees, you often pay a 20p convenience fee while parking your car with RingGo. Your recurring credit/debit card bill will include this parking fee. There is also the option to call RingGo at the regular rate; however, if your mobile phone plan includes free bundled minutes, your call is probably already covered by this.

If you choose to text to park with RingGo App, you will be charged the agreed-upon operator fee for the text message. Additionally, there is a 10p fee for the text message that confirms the specifics of your parking session and that you automatically get. The RingGo iPhone app can be download and used without cost. You only need to pay for parking, RingGo convenience, and any browsing time you consume.

Text messages for parking session confirmation and reminders (notifying you when your session is about to expire) cost 10p each. As Google’s Android operating system is now on version 12, any new devices purchased in the last six years won’t have any issue meeting that requirement.

The addition of the App on compatible cars’ digital dashboards makes a lot of sense: “Drivers can now alternate between their parking RingGo app, navigation services, music, and messaging more seamlessly than ever before,” says Peter O’Driscoll, Managing Director at RingGo app.

Since it is now in contradiction of the law to hold a cell phone in your hand while driving, having a properly integrated system where apps display on in-car systems such as via Apple CarPlay

RingGo App Service Information

Users of our parking lots can pay for their space over the phone with a credit or debit card via the RingGo service. RingGo is a substitute for pay-and-display parking that frees drivers from the inconvenience of coin storage.

Why Not Sign Up With RingGo Immediately Because It’s Free To Do So?


Along with pay-and-display parking, the service remains provided throughout East Devon and the rest of the nation. Drivers must register their information with RingGo either online at RingGo, or by downloading the RingGo App (free to download).

Registration takes a short while and can be done beforehand or when you park (if you register in advance, paying for your parking session will be considerably quicker). When you register, you will remain asked for your credit or debit card details and vehicle registration number (you can write more than one vehicle).

Parking Fees

To pay for your parking session when you find a parking spot, use the RingGo App or dial the cashless parking number on your phone at 01404 200060 (a local rate number included in the majority of mobile phone contract bundles). Please be aware that in addition to the regular parking fees, there is a 10-pence fee for SMS/text message reminders for each parking session.


If you have previously registered, provide the location number of the parking space when prompted instead of speaking. The tariff notices or signage on the pay and display machines will continue to display the location number. After that, you will remain instructed to begin parking.

When you return to your car, use the App or contact 01404 200060 once more to end your parking, as long as you don’t exceed the allotted time. After that, you’ll remain charged to the next rounded-up tariff band for the time you were parked.

One significant advantage of start/stop parking is that you are relieved of the obligation to estimate the length of your stay and remain freed from the pressure to return to your car as soon as your parking period expires.

Reminder SMS

You can receive a reminder SMS from RingGo app when your cashless parking session is due to end or expire. When you most recently parked. RingGo app will read out the specifics of the vehicle and the location code and then enquire:

  • Press 1 to keep the same car in the same spot.
  • Press 2 to park somewhere else.

The customer then inputs the location code (for example, 18906). c. Press 9 to park a separate car. After asking for updated car information, the customer will remain prompted for a location code (for example, 18906). Press * to change your information.

Sign Up Here For New Users

The following parking lots provide RingGo payment options: Curzon Street, Brook Street, Aberdeen Street, and Canal Street.

Additionally, there are metere on-street parking spots in the city’s core. When parked, drivers must call the 0115 871 4000 local rate number, shown on pay and display devices. Users must enter the location code displayed on parking metre signs, their vehicle’s licence plate number. The time they plan to park.

After that, money will remain deducted from their debit or credit card.

When using the service for the first time, users must provide their credit card information; however, after that, they only need to enter the last four numbers.

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