pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6 – You could run into problems using the Microsoft Outlook programmer, such as error codes 0x80070021, 0x800ccc0e, 0x80042109, etc. Let’s talk about the second error message today: [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6].

What brings about the error [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6]? Here are a few causes of the problem.

  • Without deleting the cache and cookies, the user signed into numerous accounts.
  • On the computer, Microsoft Outlook is not correctly installed.
  • Outlook’s most recent version is not downloaded.
  • Your computer and the version of the operating system you are using.

Install Outlook Again

Install Outlook Again

You can resolve the Outlook problem [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] in another manner. You have the option of reinstalling Outlook to repair it. Reinstalling Outlook should generally help you with this Outlook problem.

You may go to Microsoft’s official website and download Outlook to reinstall it. When it’s done, restart your computer to see whether the [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] error has been resolved.

Change The Windows Model

If you are running Windows 11 or 10, you should install Windows 7 or 8 to return to an earlier version and resolve the [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] problem. You might be able to remove this error code by upgrading your version of Windows.

Update The Outlook Programmed.

Update The Outlook Programmed.

Before moving on to the other troubleshooting steps, you should verify that your Outlook application is updated to the most recent version. Since the updated settings and functionality were included in later releases, support for older versions was ended because outdated versions might create problems.

As a result, the outdated version of Outlook suffers from an incompatibility issue. It cannot carry out specific operations and functions, which leads to various bugs and problems, including the [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] error code in Outlook.

Cache From Desktop/Browser Clear

It has been observed that damaged cache files frequently cause the Outlook [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] email error. The cache in this context includes both the material your system caches and the surfing information saved in the browser.

Cache Removal And Cookie Clearing

Cache Removal And Cookie Clearing

The primary cause of this issue pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6 may be that you never emptied the caches and cookies data from your browser and the MS Outlook programmer. Wash away all supplies and cookies as fast as possible to remove the [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] problem from your MS Outlook screen. Follow the instructions below to do this.

Launch your browser and click the three dots to get starting. Next, select the Clear browser data button under the History section. Choose the category of caches and cookies from the available choices. Select Clear data next.

Multiple Outlook Email Account Logouts

Microsoft Outlook may show errors due to a software bug or programmer malfunction. Having many email accounts on the same computer might be problematic; to fix this, log out of all the email accounts you’ve added to Outlook and then log in to the one that was giving you the pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6 issue. Re-logging in might assist in fixing the problem because doing so would change your email settings, which means that if the issue is with those settings, it should automatically set.

Yes! Your system also keeps some cache or temporary data to function more quickly. The problem of utilizing various applications and software, such as the one you are currently experiencing with Outlook, may develop if this data becomes destroyed.

Furthermore, if you use Outlook through your browser, you must erase your browser’s cookies and cache, and if you use Outlook desktop software, you must delete your laptop’s or desktop’s cache.

Ensure Proper Mail Server Configuration

Ensure Proper Mail Server Configuration

Many of the troubles with Outlook are frequently caused by improperly configured mail server settings. This is true because these settings contain the email settings for the IMAP/POP and SMTP email protocols, which control email sending, receiving, and other functions. Various issues occur if their sending or receiving servers or port numbers have change. Many people know how to resolve the [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] problem by changing the mail server settings and fixing the SMTP error in Outlook.

As a result, confirm that these settings are set up correctly; if not, adjust them following the email provider you are using.

Use Only Legit Outlook Software

Occasional reports of the pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6 error code in Outlook come from duplicate or illegally obtained Outlook software users. If the Outlook version you’re using is counterfeit and not the original, remove it immediately, download the genuine programmer from a reliable source, and then add your email account.

Next, send emails using the freshly downloaded Microsoft Outlook to see if the problem is still present. Remove any duplicate software on your machine since it can conflict with other email clients you have set up.


The complete solution to the [pii_email_6f9fe105b8f060d710b6] error is provided here. Try the procedures listed above if you get the same issue. One of these can resolve your problem.

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