How Old is Link in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda of Tears of the Kingdom is a game that breaks many of the traditions of the best Zelda games of all time. And playing as a version of Link that’s older than 17 can now be added to the list. Of course, if Zelda fans include that both Link and Zelda went through a 100-year time skip in Breath of the Wild, that would make them both around 124 years old. But that’s something that can remain argued about at another time.

How Old is Link in Tears of the Kingdom?

In The Legend of Zelda’s iconic world, the brave hero Link has captured gamers’ hearts for decades. With his unwavering bravery and steadfast determination, Link has embarked on numerous quests to save the land of Hyrule from the clutches of evil. As fans excitedly await the release of the highly anticipated game Tears of the Kingdom. One burning question lingers: How old is Link in this exciting new adventure?How Old is Link in Tears of the Kingdom?

Ages of the Characters

We must first consider the character’s age in previous franchise installments to delve into this enigma. According to the developers, Link was 17 years old in the revolutionary Breath of the Wild. This essential information provides a valuable starting point to calculate his age in Tears of the Kingdom.

It is important to note that Link’s age is rarely explicitly stated within the Zelda games. Instead, enthusiasts must rely on developer notes and context clues to decipher the protagonist’s age. This process’s intricacies only enhance the mystique surrounding this timeless hero.

The Development in Link

Considering the passage of time between Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, we can reasonably infer that Link has aged since his previous escapades. It is safe to assume that several years have elapsed. As the developers undoubtedly aim to craft a captivating narrative that builds upon the foundation of the previous game.

Considering the physical and emotional toll of Link’s arduous quests, it is natural to expect some signs of maturity in Tears of the Kingdom. As he faces new challenges and encounters unfamiliar lands. Link’s growth as a character will undoubtedly remain reflected in his age.

While definitive confirmation of Link’s exact age in Tears of the Kingdom remains elusive. Estimating that he is at least 24 years old is plausible. This speculation remain rooted in the belief that the game’s creators intend to convey a sense of progression in both the narrative and the character’s journey.

The Excitement of Tears of the Kingdom

As we await the release of Tears of the Kingdom, the speculation surrounding Link’s age only heightens fans’ anticipation. Debates and theories will continue circulating in the gaming community, fueled by the collective excitement for this highly anticipated installment in The Legend of Zelda series.

Ultimately, regardless of Link’s exact age, his character’s essence truly captivates fans. Link represents the embodiment of heroism, resilience, and unwavering determination, regardless of his years upon this fictional world. Whether he is a young protagonist just embarking on his journey or a seasoned hero facing new trials. Link’s age is but a small piece of the intricate puzzle that makes up the lore and magic of The Legend of Zelda.


In conclusion, while the precise age of Link in Tears of the Kingdom remains shrouded in mystery. It is evident that the development team has carefully crafted a narrative that builds upon the hero’s previous adventures. With fans eagerly awaiting the release of this highly anticipated game. Only time will tell what new challenges await our beloved hero and how his age will be portrayed throughout his epic journey.