How Far Is Dallas To San Antonio

How many miles is it from San Antonio to Dallas? Here’s the quick answer if you are able to drive this whole trip without stopping.

Nonstop drive: 275 miles or 443 km

Driving time: 4 hours, 10 minutes

In real life, you’ll likely want to put in some extra time for breaks, gas or food on the journey. To get an idea of how long this journey really is, go down to find out the time it would take if you drive with breaks.

Flying Non-Stop From Dallas To San AntonioFlying Non-Stop From Dallas To San Antonio

Now imagine that you have a personal jet and can fly the fastest way in a straight line from Dallas, Texas to San Antonio, Texas. Because the Earth is curved, the shortest path means going over a “big circle” or as if bent by a crow. This distance is worked out step-by-step using Vincenty’s approach.

Flight distance: 252 miles or 405 km

Flight time: 45 minutes

The direct flight distance is about 23 miles less than driving on roads. So, the driving distance is around one and a bit times more than flying straight. Your airplane goes much quicker than a car, so the time it takes to fly is about 1/4th of the time needed if you were driving.

This is a small trip in your own plane, but you could be working on booking an airplane with many seats. In that situation, you really need to add up the time it takes from getting your local airport until waiting for security.

You must also include the wait on the runway and once landed at another city’s place. Get yourself ready by listening carefully: “Air travel might take a long while.” Go down a bit to see a real number that includes everything. This will give you the correct time it takes for your flight.

Dallas to San Antonio road trip

Imagine you are really making a car journey to San Antonio and want to take breaks on the way. If it’s a true road trip, you may want to look for exciting stops along the route. Eat at fantastic restaurants and maybe even find a hotel where you can sleep overnight. That’s what Trippy is great for, it helps you work out your travel plans in detail.

We think you could enjoy this fun road trip over more than one day because of its length.

Road trip: 2 days of driving

With all parts of your trip planned, we can guess how long it will take to travel.Dallas to San Antonio road trip

Travel time: 5.5 hours driving with a night stay.


Start in Dallas.

Drive for around an hour and a half, then stop in the West. Stay there for about one hour. After that, keep driving for 56 minutes and then stop at Temple. Stay overnight.

The day after, go for about 44 minutes by car. Then stop in Georgetown (Texas) and stay there for almost an hour. Then, go for another 42 minutes and stop at South Congress. Stay there for one whole hour. Go for 1 hour and then stop in New Braunfels. Stay there for 1 hour too.

Finally, drive for about 40 minutes and get to San Antonio.

Dallas to San Antonio airports and flights

In the fast count above, we thought you had a personal plane and only wanted to find out how long it would take in-air from one city to another. But most of us will be on a commercial plane (whether it’s fancy or basic). So, we really had to count all the extra time spent going to the airport, waiting for our flight, and getting where we needed to.

To help you know more about real travel, we’ve made a flight plan that uses real airports. In time, you can change this plan and pick your own airports and flights. But for now, here’s a chosen example to show you what traveling might look like between airports.Dallas to San Antonio airports and flights

Departure airport: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Arrival airport: San Antonio International Airport (SAT)

After picking the airports, we can guess how long it takes to get there and back. This is done by looking at distance from downtown spots.

Getting to the airport: 49 minutes

Getting to your destination: 22 minutes

Now, let’s see a real trip from DFW to SAT on American Airlines. We will calculate how long this would take: time for taking off and landing plus taxiing on runway included.

Commercial flight time: 58 minutes

So now we can finally get an idea of how long it will take to travel from Dallas to San Antonio. This includes time spent going and coming back from the airports, waiting 2 hours for a turn at TSA security lines in the airport, sitting around before boarding, and then actually flying on the plane itself.

Total travel time: 4 hours

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