Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant

Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant – An American chain of fast food and ice cream shops is called Braum’s. Braum’s, an Oklahoma City-based company, was established in 1968 by William Henry “Bill” Braum. The business has more than 300 restaurants across five states, mostly in the South, namely in the West South Central states of Oklahoma and Texas.

The “Peter Pan” retail ice cream network and the Emporia, Kansas-based family’s ice cream manufacturing company were bought by William Henry “Bill” Braum in 1957; 10 years later, the Peter Pan stores were sold, with the caveat that the Braum family would not sell ice cream in Kansas for ten years.

For What Is Braums Renowned?

Become one of the largest milking operations in the world. Construction teams from Braum’s company develop what is regrade as one of the biggest milking operations of its sort in the whole globe in 1993. A milk barn and 17 free-stall barns totaling 35 acres were construct on the Tuttle Farm to accommodate the Braum family’s private dairy herd.

In 1968, in Oklahoma City, Braum and his wife Mary founded the Braum’s chain, continuing the family dairy herd and ice cream production company. During the first year, 24 outlets were open throughout Oklahoma. For the first several years, Braum’s sent goods from its Emporia headquarters to Oklahoma; but, in 1975, the company opened facilities there and relocated the herd. [3]

Ernest P. Worrell Appeared In A Series Of Braum’s Television Ads In 1980s

Braum’s ice cream & burger restaurant Stores

The firm limits the opening of stores within a 300-mile (483 km) radius around its home farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma, in order to preserve the goods’ freshness. In operation as of 2017 were over 300 stores, including 128 in Oklahoma, 99 in Texas, 27 in Kansas, and 13 in both Arkansas and Missouri.

How Are The Burgers Made At Braum’s?

At Braum’s, we start with 100% pure beef patties and top them with cheese, your favourite fresh toppings, and a freshly baked sesame seed bun from the bakery! You feel content and pleased after eating a delicious Braum’s burger and some fries. Include one of our famous shakes with your order of burgers.

Products, Ice cream, frozen yoghurt, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast foods are all available in the eateries. The “Fresh Market” part of the grocery store also offers dairy products, baked goods, drinks, frozen dinners, meats, and produce.

Because of how vertically integrated it is, Braum’s is notable. Braum’s operates its own feed mill, dairy herd, dairy processing facility, bakery, storefronts, and delivery trucks. Virtually all of the food goods offered they are processes or create by the business. In addition, it owns its flagship dairy farm near Tuttle, Oklahoma. As well as eight farms and ranches totaling 40,000 acres (160 km2). The dairy farm is a popular place for school field excursions and has set hours when it is available to the public for visits.

Braum’s  A2 Milk

According to Braum’s, it is the only significant ice cream producer that continues to milk its own cows. They also manufacture the dairy products’ packaging. The biggest A2 milk dairy herd in the US resides at Braum’s Family Farm. There are two genetic variations of the milk protein beta-casein, A1 and A2. Cow milk is typically A1. There is less exposure to “cow milk protein allergens, including lactose intolerance” in non-cow milk, including that of buffalo, camels, donkeys, goats, sheep, yaks, and even human mothers. The A2 herd took more than 12 years to develop. With the established A2 herd, Braum’s is now producing only A2 milk for sale in its own Braum’s stores.

The Dairy Farm At Braum’s Is Full Of Cows.

We at Braum’s are dedicating to improve everything. One of the biggest dairy businesses in the world is the Braum’s Dairy Farm in Tuttle. We are moreover the only significant ice cream producer in the nation that milk our own cows. We are aware of the contents of Braum’s milk because it originates from our own private dairy herd. All of the food for Braum’s dairy herd is vegetarian and is produce on their farm. No antibiotics or growth hormones were administering.


William Braum’s father invested in a small Kansas butter making facility in 1933. William helped his father expand the family company, which eventually became “Peter Pan Ice Cream Shops,” via their joint efforts. The Braum family established Braum’s in Oklahoma in 1968.

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